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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Jordan University will be hosting EDC (Microsoft East Med developers conference). Anyway, I registered and organized my schedule according to the provided Agenda to choose sessions I'll attend and the ones I'll be missing because of conflicting time with some lectures.

I thought the event will take place in one location, but it appears it is distributed at different locations at the university. Parallel sessions will be held. The worst part is that sessions are held at totally different locations at the university and are really very apart from each other.

It will be held from 23-11 till 25-11

On Thursday night (25-11-2004), I have this invitation from the German Embassy for a press conference and a reception is all about the Hannouver CeBit Exhibition 2005. It starts at 7:00 pm. They sent me the invitation because of my visit to CeBit Eurasia (Istanbul) last September.

I do have lots of exams and projects and some unfinished work for the office and it is a very cold and rainy week.

I wanted really to attend the next meeting of JOLUG 27-11 but It seems that I will not be able to do that because I have lots of work to finish at the office on Saturday.

I just cannot wait for the weekend.


Yeah... complete chaos! Law tesma3 eish 3emlo bikoleyti ma2lab!
I hope it doesnt snow tonight :\ The windchill is -3 and the temperature is 2!

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