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Friday, December 14, 2007

Yousef loves Samah- MAZDA zoom 3 Story

I found out that my zoom 3 is a great innovation space for lots of people.
'Yousef loves sama7' and the arrows hits Adel's heart written with dust on my car.
Is that what they call a "summer-love" that disappears with the first rain drops???

I just can't stop thinking of who is this "Adel" he the other guy that loves samah while sama7 loves yousef, eeerrrgghh , cars scribbles and modern art makes me think and wonder.

Even that "little-hammoudeh-like-kid" who wrote the famous 'TOZ 3alaik' statement found the carbon-gray color innovating to write it near the dust-covered trunk. I just hate how creatively-stupid some people can be.

Winter,Christmas,busy days and lots of thinking

Music Mood: Asmar ya asmarani -Abed Al-Haleem

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nader's Theory on UN-BLOGGING

The reason why I didn't post anything in the past two months:
My shrink told me to stop posting for a while cause I have a Robaphobia

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Amazing Night

Cannot put it in words.

posted for the record (that was last night)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jordan Population Count : A Theory in Practice

Why the hell do we need to do Population Count for Jordan ?
I can find the exact number (accurate up to 99.9 %) without moving a finger.

2.5 million Fastlink Subscribers
2.0 million Mobilecom Subscriber
1.0 million Umnia Subscriber
2 guys (My younger brother and sister don't have any mobile subscription yet)
Population Count = 5500002 NASAMEH (Jordan population count)

O lasho el-fazlakeh o elmasareef elli ma 2ilha da3i, ya3ni jad, lashoo da2erat el-2e7saa2at el-3ameh (دائرة الاحصائات العامة), huh

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Monday, May 08, 2006

A Woman's Right ......... and then take your second left

Women are 100% equal to Men. I never ever considered women of lower level than men.
I believe so much in this.

Actually I never felt the Un-equality issue in my house. But as soon as you go deeper in the sick community, you would start to know what that word means.

Now if you are a woman and think that "You men suck, we are better than you , we beat you in everything, you are useless and we can live without you sick men" then I can tell you of some shrink I know.

Please don't tell me about women rights cause I am sick of it, and don't tell me that for a woman to be equal to a man, she has to drive a 12 wheels truck from Irbid to Aqaba or work at some construction site with other 100 men.

Women ask for Equality but some just don't know that what they want is actually Justice.

I actually started to hate those Gender equality institutes, I know lots of men have sick minds in terms of this issue, but just don't force me to listen to you broken record of women beat men and that I do suck cause I am a Man.
And I don't mind for a woman to be smarter than me, I would love that actually.

On a second notice "ya 7abeebti, la tefta7i kol shababeek elsayara 3ala el2a5'er in the downtown and expect a peaceful ride, ya3ni 100 wa7ad 7aqeer bedo ysam3ek meet kelmeh, so shut the fucking windows and use your fucking air condition, and don't tell me about NATURAL breeze thing cause it sucks so bad"

("Dear, Do not open the cars windows fully in the middle of the downtown and expect a peaceful ride. There a 100 jerk ready to herras you, just close the windows and use the air condition")

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Men are Ugly "7ijab for Men" :D

"If women have to wear hijab, then men have to do that too, aren't we equal after all??" That's my opinion. I always wondered why is it just for women in Islam, don't women look at men too ????

Men are not sexy. Women do not usually look at them. Only men look at women and that's why they(women) should cover up or at least wear the hijab.
As I always say, Men bad

Women will never stop turning men on, just like men will never stop turning women on. I'’m in a very committed relationship and love my bf to pieces, but I'’ll be lying if I said I never turned my head for a beautiful man walking down the street.

You have to learn how to accept the fact that even though you are attracted to a human being, it doesn'’t make them less of a person. It'’s as simple, and complicated, as that. Sex appeal and humanity are not mutually exclusive.

I found this comment by Natalia on this post by Hani Masoud to very true (btw, I don't agree with Hani at all on what he said on his last post).

Note: No hidden intentions of insulting any religion so please don't stop buying jordanian goods if you don't like what I said :)

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Monday, March 27, 2006

The one about being Lost

Nothing seems to be going fine. Everyone says everything I do is wrong. Everyone and everything is pushing me to the edge. I can't fight back because I know where I can loose.
I feel I want to fly, the edge is so high, and I don't have wings.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

CeBIT 2006 at last

At last, I am leaving this thursday to Germany, Hannover to attend the CeBIT trade show.

CeBIT is the world's biggest, and one of the world's most important, computer expos. It is held in Hanover, Germany, each spring and is a barometer of information technology. With an exhibition area of 400,000 m² and 700,000 visitors, it is bigger than COMDEX.
for more details. Wikipedia/CeBIT

The thing is, I am so busy at work and with my thesis which is a big big big problem for me and actually feel it is never gonna be written.

Other than that, I have a hundered things to prepare for the trip but I am sure i will do NONE.

I must be more excited about it, I installed the Mobile Fair Planner and Skype on my iPAQ but still, I am not in the mood, actually, I am not in any mood.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Giving Up iPAQ for the sake of my head

I have just removed the SIM card from my iPAQ and will no longer use it as a mobile phone.

I found out that this model is very hazardous in terms of health, it causes headaches and disorganized heartbeats, how did I find that.... By experience.
I have headaches and my ears hurt much ....... And even my heart ( I can tell that someone is calling before it rings).

The signal is so strong that it causes disturbance to screens and speakers from about 5 meters.
And just yesterday, some friend told me this model was withdrawn from Europe cause of the things above.

I felt I must post this out in case someone needs a review, cause I found nothing about that on the internet.
I just hate me doing that, I bought it cause it has GSM/WiFi/Bluetooth, but I guess I will still be using it in addition to my old stone-age mobile. (It has WiFi, blutooth and windows installed).

But really, my head is exploding when it is on.

Music Mood: Nawal Al-Zoughbi - sho akhbarak

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Donkey and the Cow

and who can give us a full insight on this issue more than the one and only Wikipedia
CAUTION: Beware, the drawings are being displayed; just felt like letting you know.

In the animal kingdom, a donkey is not allowed to insult a cow nor the other way around (I guess that's the case in India too).

Totally agree with what natasha said :
I fully understand how these cartoons enraged believers, as their sole purpose seems clearly bent on stirring controversy and ridiculing some people's beliefs. It's clear people feel strongly about this, and rightly so. Actions hailed by one group as an "act of free speech" are condemned by the other as blasphemy. However, for Jordan's parliament, condemnation is one thing (and here the most prudent thing for a legislative body), but calling for outright punishment is -- like the RSF said -- "not acceptable for the parliament of a supposedly democratic country."
And here is what Naseem Tarawneh wrote about the subject.

Roba wrote one of the most informing posts about - a part of - the topic (The face of Mohammad). A great post Roba with lots of info. I never knew about

Feel bad - OK -
Condemn - OK -
Punish -Non of your f* business

After all people are free to say whatever they want, should I boycott Saudi products or islamic products cause of this or this.
(Arab countries actually has no products to bycott -LUCKY- )

As an example, this is talking about the cross (christianity symbol) and christianity in an offending way especially (the Nasara part), but this stupid HUMAN, has all the right to say what he wants, or maybe I should bycott the whole country.

I just can't stand the principal of punishing or killing people for saying something they believe in.

Here you go COWS ARE UGLY and STUPID, now Hindus would get angry at me and bycott jordan. ( hindus honour the cow)

Here I leave you with this amazing song

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Bassima - Sho 3abali

Friday, December 16, 2005

Farewell Abu Farah

No one will ask me for the time every single hour
No one will ask me to fix his watch every 2 hours
No one will tell me "Allah yawfa2ak" the way you did
No one will nag over my head to get warm or rest cause I'm tired studying at 4 am
No one will ask me to check his shaving every day

I will not hear you praying anymore
I will not kiss your hand everyday anymore
I will not try to explain the fact that "earth is a ball in a space, we live in the ball, and there are other balls revolving around the big ball"
I will not spend hours talking to you anymore
I will not hug you for no reason anymore

You will not sit on your chair under the big tree in the garden anymore
You will not tell me about your football team anymore

I will miss you sitting on your chair or wondering around
I will miss your teasing, your laughs and sense of humor
I will miss the old habits, the heritage, the old songs, the scent of the past
I will miss your passion and love
I lived knowing you are in my house ans so alive, I still can't believe you will not be here anymore

I will keep your old watch and will keep your memory

The ballad(downtown) and the church in ballad will miss you
Your chair will miss you
The birds will miss you
I will miss you grandpa

I will miss you Abu Farah
Rest in Peace

My second grandpa passed away on Friday morning, in our house in his room, in the hands of my grandma in front of our eyes, all of a sudden without any previous notice, I didn't kiss his hand that night, I wish I did......
He was just so close to my heart and so was my other grandpa
......... I lost them both this year

Yaman, el-5'etyar sa7eb el-ma7al 3ala tloo3 el-mo5'abarat el-qadeem fi jabal el-hussein....a3tak 3omro

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Amman at night ya right

The city is never the same, I actually drive at night with internal fear, I fee afraid; I don't know why, but you can't stop your car for 1 minute at any place near our house. Couple of days ago, I was standing near the front door (couple of days ago) when someone came and ask me, Abu el-shabab ( hey, Man [Father of Men :D] ) why are you standing there ? What are you doing ?!? I'm talking on the phone near my house's front door you stupid, who the hell are you?!

I wish this would end soon.

At 10 pm the city is Empty.

Things are just not the same.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Yup, Jordan Attacked


Monday, October 31, 2005

The Kondara (Shoes)

It is said that you can understand someone's character from his shoes!

Well for me a pair of shoes can be used :
For walking
Killing bugs (to be more specific, To Smash it)
Kicking an ass ........ and that's it.

Actually for the last point, the kicking ass thing, I guess we can work on a mathematical model to relate the ass(es)-usually-kicked-size with your shoes size but that is another post.

Anyways, I have a problem with shoes. When I buy one, I stick to it for a long time.
I wake up in the morning, wear it and go. I always have complains about the need to clean it and polish it. Actually that's stupid but I hate it. I hate the backstage work behind wearing a pair of shoes :D

I swear I once used perfume on my shoes, see, i don't even know how to use it :(

Now, I'm waiting for the two concrete cubes to dry (I'm placing my feet in cement) so that I stop wearing shoes from now on.

Music Mood: Ehab Tawfeeq - Ya Salam

Thursday, October 27, 2005


When I was finishing high school in the early 1970s, the closest normal people got to computers was using a teletype. These electromechanical monsters could convert bits received at glacially slow (110 baud) telephone rates into a veritable cacophany of sound. This acoustic din was produced by lots of metal parts slamming into a paper roll somewhere inside the machine. The paper was the same consistency and smoothness as the paper towels you find in restrooms, and the bit rate was caused partly by the constraints of the acoustic couplers used in those days. I probably still have
the pieces of the 300-baud modem I built out of two op-amps and two tennis shoes.
Computer Magazine, January 2005 (Vol. 38, No. 1)

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Noura Rahal - 3ala Fekra

Friday, October 14, 2005

Complexity: a 2-Dimensional Point of View

Some things are just too complex for words to explain, so silence would be a better option.
I always had complex thoughts to describe even the simplest small events. I like to build thoughts and combine them to form a conspiracy theory for each situation or incident.
Over years, this helped me to build complex feelings. People call it arrogance, but it is there.
Someone may come and ask a simple question as in "Why are not you in the mood?", or, "why sad?" , and I really feel like answering, but really can't find the right words.
What is "the mood" you are talking about ? I never had a mood and don't think I'll ever have one.
People can be angry or happy or sad. But I forget a lot. Forget as in FORGET. I forget why I am angry or sad. I don't remember anything. All I think of is how to integrate the new AI engine in our next project, or how to put the next agile modeling technique into practice. I feel everyone going for argeeleh (hubbly bubbly) or playing cards has nothing really to do in life. I know they are not,but still, that's what I feel.
Smoking is one thing that I disgrace and hate so bad, and I mean so MUCH. I feel that all smokers are people without inner peace. I hate to see people smoking or having argeeleh. It just makes me feel bad each time. Why is this the only thing the youth care for. Smoking and playing cards and girls, and don't let me start with the girls thing. Women ask for rights, but believe me they have it all. Women here have more power and influence more than any other place in the world, and I don't mean politics, cause actually no cares about politics anymore, I haven't even read a newspaper since a month now.
Ignorance is tightly integrated with complexity. Ignoring and forgetting everything that bothers you. You see something but you cannot describe or discuss your feelings about it, WHY? Because it is too complicated to be described. That makes you so silent, with nothing to talk about, nothing to say, nothing to share, and worse, no response to events, no negative feelings, no positive feelings, no neutral feelings, you become so empty, so boring, so FLAT. Yah, flat, 2-dimensional, like a carpet from a top-view, no , like a "super thread", zero height and zero thickness. Insignificant and just another one of a bunch.
You spend your time creating a complex set of feelings and interact with it within yourself, creating your own inner world , your inner community, become more and more silent, integrate yourself with silence.
Loose feelings towards the world, moon and stars no longer mean any thing, just lighting spots up there, u see the moon in 2-D, you no longer feel its circularity or roundness.
Feel like sleeping and forgetting and ignoring. Loosing Control of your inner-created-world.
I'm so silent lately, so boring, even I find myself boring, I feel like saying nothing, just imitate and build compound ideas. Ideas that never shows, cause it is buried inside.
I really need a hug, a simple one :)

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Peak Communications Capacity

You're sitting in yet another interminable conference session. Man, this chair gets more uncomfortable by the millisecond. Who's that over there? He looks like Mike Meyers from this angle. Or maybe Mini Me. What's that interminable droning sound? Oops, that's the speaker going on and on about … whatever his topic is. You can't remember—your mind has been wandering for the past 10 minutes.

You slide back into your reverie and idly wonder if it's true

that your memory gets worse as you age and whether there's anything to the folk wisdom that says you're okay as long as you can remember what you ate for dinner in the past week. I think I had grilled salmon a week ago. Or was it that you had to remember for 10 days? Uh oh, I can't quite recall. That can't be good.

But suddenly your attention is drawn back to the speaker, even though you can't quite put your finger on why. Something about his cadence, or pitch, or the way he paused and leaned away from the podium. You can just sense that he has momentarily diverged from his planned course and is about to extemporize.

If there's going to be anything memorable from this talk, it will be now, when the speaker is making remarks off the cuff. The earlier part of the talk could have been a prerecorded audio track, but this part is real, immediate, full-bandwidth. The speaker is operating at his peak communications capacity, and the audience senses that and reacts accordingly.

If you've ever attended a music recital by a particularly gifted artist, or a theatrical production in which the cast was having a great day, you've felt that same connection—a sense that there are higher planes of communication between human beings that we sometimes glimpse but don't often feel.

Comedians live or die by their ability to fully capture their audience's attention and take them on a shared journey. They use their humor like the boy in E.T. used Reese's Pieces to entice the alien to follow him; they bring the audience along line by line, laugh by laugh. And the audience pays them to do it, without even being rewarded with candy.

Bob Colwell (Computer Magazine, Sep 2005, At Random, Presentation Lessons from Comedians)

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Friday, October 07, 2005


Nurse (Female) is an angel in the western culture (Florence Nightingale) and a **** in the arabic culture.

"Bedak Tetjawaz Momareda, yee 3alaina, sho bedhom ye7ko el3alam..."
(You want to marry a nurse, what will people say...)

What a great mentalities we have in this part of the world. Sick mentalities (notice the irony sick and nurses).

You can't imagine the shock when hearing this thing for the first time.
Don't we have other important things to care for, GOD :(

"Waylon le 2omaten da7ekat min jahleha el2omamo" (any help in translation is welcome)

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George Wassouf - Kol Yom (Highly Recommended)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

In Love with an IPAQ

Well I've got this HP iPaq about a week or two and I still can't say I get bored :D
It is a PDA with mobile phone capabilities.
It has GSM/GPRS , 802.11b (Wireless), Bluetooth
I found all hotspots in Amman, and I check my email daily at the 4th circle.

Ah and give me a map and I'll solve your GPS problems or answer your questions (ya I am ready for GPS).

Note the previous post was dedicated to someone not google.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


I love u as much as i love google :)
Dedicated to you know yourself, I GUESS :D

Music Mood: Dina 7ayek - Darb El hawa (Recommended)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Farewell Abu Saleem

I will never forget how much u cared and how much u prayed for us.
I will not forget the first salary i ever had.
You taught me how to fold my clothes in that unique way. I will remember you each time I fold my clothes.
You taught me how to be a man.

But I will not be sad cause grandpa is watching me today, cause there are holes in the floor in heaven and he's watching over you and me.

Farewell my friend, Farewell my grandpa

Thank you Mirachka and Nadeen for your support

Music Mood:
Collin Raye - Holes In The Floor of Heaven

Monday, July 25, 2005

What does Love mean to you?

Tagged by Roba. Thank you, I thought that there is still someone who cares out there but she was kind enough to tell me she doesn't care, just wanted to enrich the planet with posts :(

1- What does Love mean to you?

2- What does Marriage mean to you?
We have to marry from "Earthians" to get more small green creatures and dominate
Well, theoretically it (marriage) is supposed to be fine but in reality?!?

3- Do you believe in love at first sight?
More in "love at first sign"

4- How many children would you like?
Depends on my bank account.

5-If given the opportunity, what song would you sing for me on my wedding day?
Collin Raye, "Love me", yes it talks about death :)
or maybe Bohemian rhapsody but I don't think this would be appreciated

6- What is your favorite holiday destination?
White sand beach, at a warm night....Oh and an internet access

7-What are three qualities you would look for in a woman?
Real, Down to Earth, Sexy legs. (in back order)

8- What are the three qualities and three bad habits that you have?
Kind, sky's the limit, luv what I do
Workaholic, 3aneed 3al fadi, lazy

9-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
At the top of the world. (depends on your definition of "WORLD")

I'm tagging whoever wants to be tagged

And red not because red is the color of luv but because I COPY-PASTE from Roba's

Friday, July 22, 2005

The one about "A Walk To The Moon"

Yesterday i did something that i wanted to do since forever.
I had a walk to the moon.

Posted for the record :)

Music Mood: Brian Adams - Please Forgive me

Monday, July 11, 2005

From mobile to heterogeneuos mining

Today I was supposed to handle my thesis proposal cause i don't have time, and i was doing researches for months. Instead of doing that, guess what I CHANGED THE SUBJECT and decided to start all over again.

Music Mood: 3amro-deyab_elly-beeny-wa-bainak

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Green + One Eye = Alien Side of Me

Does he remind anyone of SOMEONE ?
This picture was taken about 5 yeaars ago, wasn't I just so cute and green :D

Music Mood: Marwan Khouri - 5edny ma3ak

Friday, July 01, 2005

What is Your World View?

You scored as Postmodernist. Postmodernism is the belief in complete open interpretation. You see the universe as a collection of information with varying ways of putting it together. There is no absolute truth for you; even the most hardened facts are open to interpretation. Meaning relies on context and even the language you use to describe things should be subject to analysis.



Cultural Creative














What is Your World View? (updated)
created with

I hate this but i decided to do it :D

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

I just can't stop listening to it.
And for some strange reason, this mood is mixed with leanne rhimes - i need you
and 7abait delwa2t -Carol Sma7a (Very nice)

Well also
5edny ma3ak -Marwan khouri

But still back again to Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen.
like 100 times a day :D

It seems I have this complex music mood.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

The one were the DRAFTS were exposed

Lots ask me why I don't post much. Well, first cause I'm slow and second cause people always post about a subject (That I had as a draft for ages) before I do..... and I do hate them for that (Lina) :D

And with me nagging at the meet-ups about the drafts, and since Isam and Roba call me a LAZY blogger.....well I decided to post a small part of my endless "posts drafts List".
I didn't post the full List, cause I don't anyone to steal the ideas (YEAH RIGHT).

The List :

PS All copyrights for the titles appearing in the lists are Reserved :D

Music Mood:
leanne rhimes - i need you

Friday, June 17, 2005

When did it all start ?

It all started when GOD created the universe. That little DOT on the nowhere collapsed then exploded breaking its 11 dimensions into the 3 ones we can see and the 4th that we feel (and Einstein defined in his theories). Each time I pass by a theory or a mathematical model, I can't stop myself from being amazed about the minds that estalished it. Numbers and symbols organized in some format that human beings do understand and base there actions on. It even stimulate the pulses in the neurons and can lead to some invention that can change someone's life and give him\her fame and fortune but not always happiness. Happiness that mostly the ones with fame and fortune seek it for some reason. Some people find happiness in the smallest things and some may keep searching all their lives and never find it.
No one ever managed to define the act of "Being Happy". You can be happy doing your most simple stuff. One may consider reading some story or an article HAPPINESS, I enjoy reading about Agile modeling for example. New trends of turning a chaos into an organized chaos for software development, (well at least this the way I describe it :D ). Description differs from one person to another and so is the way people view certain things. Some people seek the perfection while others enjoy the beauty of the imperfections. Imperfections has this very special beauty. Even beauty is a relative matter. Some may say that there is at least certain outlines that lets you "classify" beauty, but why the hell must there exist a WORD definition. Lots of things in life cannot be defined or explained!! Isn't that why people always seek for reasons and seek the truth, which is also relative. One just can't have a key to define TRUTH and make that definition a Bible.
There is always a difference, and there is always something new to find out. But to find this thing out, you have to base it on theories with a proof.
And you may end up proving the opposite of things that were once TRUTH. At that moment you may have your fame and fortune and happiness and you may feel you are the center of the universe; the universe that the higher power created in a bolt of 11 dimensions and then broke it up and made us prove theories like the Super Thread Theory and parallel universes.
It started with a dot and this is ending with a dot.

NOTE : Notice the pattern of moving from one subject to another then getting back to the starting point.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

QuaNtitY to the Planet

Roba posted Quality to the Planet.
We have discussed this in the last bloggers meet-up and I want to give my humble view.
Isam started Jordan Planet and we thank him for that. I remember when we were a small group of less than 10 bloggers, but more bloggers joined.
In Jordan (and other countries around) ,"Blog" is not really a word that you say and everyone would reply with a plain "OK".
I'm happy with every name added to the list of Jordanian bloggers, and I think we have a great variety of posts.
I can enjoy a post that other consider crap, and I may hate a post that lots consider a piece of art.
I'm afraid that this step would cause lots of people, who think of starting blogs, to think a lot before doing it.

I hate news, zillion article briefing, email forwards, biased political views and some other things.
But at the same time, it is not possible to turn the planet into an online newspaper with journalists with perfect writing (UNLESS this is the point Isam).

Well, some bloggers may be excluded by the voting, including myself. But I always wanted to hear opinions about what I post. Maybe by telling people what other people think of their blogs would cause them to reconsider and enhance the QUALITY (not-defined :D )
You are free to post a comment of what you think of my blog, and what i can do to improve :)

I do really enjoy most of the bloggers' posts , I wish more people join the planet, and hope this voting thing won't be an inhibitor. No one can tell how many reader may enjoy what lots of people consider Low Quality or Crap. If you don't believe me, watch Reality TV shows.

I will vote for 95% of you, although I know it would embarrassing for only a small group to leave.
Or maybe I'll reconsider and not vote at all.

And Isam, I thank you for the planet and your efforts, I know you own it PHYSICALLY but it is a PLANET after all, we all live here :)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Crazy Amman - Please Not another Dubai

Everything is crazy these days. Amman is changing. Big changes.
The city is very crowded and it's not summer yet.

Traffic jams all over the place till late time at night. Restaurants,cafes and snack bars are full.
People from all around the globe, Lebanon, Syria, Gulf and for sure IRAQ.
Well, you can feel a raising economy. Building appears in no time, we have at least 6 (yes 6) building workshops in our small neighborhood, of course, it will be filled with Iraqis.

We have lots and lots of Iraqis in the city, the funny part is that most of them seem rich.
After the political changes in Syria,Lebanon,Egypt and 11th of Sep, Jordan is the only place to go.

Jordan is also enjoying a very positive "‘Iraqi effect"’. Estimates of the number of Iraqis now living in Jordan range from 200,000 to over half a million, and over the past 18 months a number of them have bought property in Amman while they wait for the security situation at home to improve. The rest have contributed to the surge in demand for rental property. At the same time, Jordan has emerged as the major gateway for foreign companies, UN agencies and NGOs working in Iraq and this has pushed up demand for rental properties, and encouraged local developers to build both housing and office accommodation. Jordan is even seeing the beginnings of interest from European buyers. [via Haitham ]

Things are changing very fast around, and prices are rising quickly.

I'm not really complaining, ,but it's just that i feel crowded. I wonder how I would feel in the summer when the population doubles :D
You now can't spend peaceful moments in the city. We are having this increasing "making out in the streets (Public)" problem which is really not a good sign. I never thought it was severe :)

I don't want Amman to turn into another Dubai, it's good to have a better economy and lots places to go and lots of events, but i guess we have to keep our own style, the Ammani Style.
I do like the attention Jordan is getting these days, it is really compelling.
Amman was always the place where u can fell security, simplicity and "Home".

But it is just that I feel strange in my own city. Maybe because I'm not used to this life style we are moving into.
You can feel the effects of Globalization in all life aspects.

I wish we would keep our traditions, values and kindness at the time we are modernizing.
Do you think it's jealousy ? Cause I always felt that this city is mine, and as more people are moving or living here, I feel I'm loosing it somehow (Crazy, ha)

I know Amman will never be the same again. The city is turning crazy and I'm loosing my temper more easily.

Music Mood: Amman -- Fayrooz

40 sec. poem

I was joking with a friend, and this came out in less than 40 seconds :D
I dind't correct the spelling mistakes nor the ryhme, as we wrote it :)
I am having really sick jokes today
I called it Burn in Hell

Burn in Hell
I saw one star that night

It was shining, ,It was so bright

I starred with a sigh

And asked for tha boy i left behind

Had he left his arrogant shrine

It looked towards me and said

After all what u did

He felt he is dead

He threw the shrine

And wokred hard to get his pride

Worked and worked days and nights

Until he found his pride and bride

They got married and got a child

He forgot all about ur time

And lived ever happy all the time

And Here u are with misery and sighs

Asking about the boy u left behind

So Live in grief and DIE

I know it is so bad at some places but still, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED :D

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The one about "How to burn in hell"

When someone tells u go to hell, what should u do ?
I never really went there before, but some people say it is not really fun.
Is it hard to go there? Do we need a map or sth ? We have a nearby "Satan's Mall" and I can ask Mr. Devil
Does it need much gasoline to keep that place burning, or do they use some nuclear station or a protoplasmic engine.
Is heat distributed uniformly all over the place?? Do they have low temperature and high temperature areas. Can I enter High Temp. Areas without having a VIS card (Very Important Sinner) ?

I heard about some of the offered services:
Burn in hell to death
Low Burn in hell (BRONZAGE)
Burn in hell you and all your family
Burn in hell you and all your friends
Burn in hell you and her Burn in hell with your ideas
Burn in hell with your principles

Burn in hell with a direct view to HEAVEN

I don't know if I can afford such a trip, but I can recommend some cheaper ones.
These include driving in the traffic jam of the Jordan university street where u can actually Burn in CAR, or even burning in public transportations.
Or making something creative, then burning you and your ideas cause no one gives a HELL DAMN.

The thing that really amazes me, is that you can find creative people who can think out of the HELL and yet better, Get the HELL out of you :D
So why to burn in hell which can cost you lots of sins at the time u can burn here on earth free of charge. Ok, Venus is a better place for burning for sure, but I cannot afford the spaceship.
I read once that :"Diplomacy is being able to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip"

Well, we have political hell, don't we?
It's very hot these days, it feels like hell.
What temperature scale is used up there? ah BTW is it up there or down there ??????

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The one about me these days

My Thesis proposal deadline
Very very soon
Busy with work and can't work on the topic

My loads of work (job) stuff
Everyday is a deadline
Busy Thinking about the thesis and can't concentrate or work

Current Status : Hating this post
What I wish now : To be kissed (No not on the cheeks, but between them, under the nose, right above the chin)

Music Mood: 5edny 7abiby -- Heba Mounzer

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Falafel Sandwich Height (Falafility Theory)

Is there any relation between the size of the cola can and the length of the falafel sandwich.
I mean is it an algorithmic relation or an exponential one ?
Does the height of the Ka3keh - when standing without the cover paper - gives us a hint of the right bottle size ?
I heard that the number of "7abaat el-falafel" is a major part of the formula ?? Using the "falafelic scale", which has nothing to do with the metric scale, you can determine the exact size!

2 and less falafleh per ka3keh (falafleh/ka3keh) -> No need to purchase cola.
3 falaflat/ka3keh -> a 150 ml is enough
4 falaflat/ka3keh -> a 300 ml is just fine
5,6,7 falaflat/ka3keh -> a 500 ml is a must
>7 falaflat/ka3keh -> 1 liter bottle or family-size

I saw two guys eating a "falafel ka3keh" which has 4 falaflat and drinking a 1 liter "PEPSI" bottle.
They were holding the 1 liter bottle as if holding the normal-one-person-size-300 ml-can.
It just didn't seem to fit.
I wonder if they are using some other scale.
Maybe they measure it by studying the ratio between the falafel and the salata (salad).
Or maybe the type of bread involved. Ka3keh, 3adi, tandoori, 7amam, etc..

A more accurate scale has to take into consideration correct measures of the radius of 7abet el falafel, with or without hot sauce, etc...

Does the number of "7abat el-simsim" on the ka3keh count ??? :D

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Kill the Bug

How the hell can anyone kill a fly without an insecticide.
I tried the flying shoe thing, but believe me, it doesn't work, especially when people are around watching :)
Today at work, I felt like relaxing a bit, so when everyone left I stayed for a while to finish some work and guess what I took my shoes off :)
I started wondering around with my white socks, moving from one office to another, CHILDISH ha. It was cool :D
Well my socks were white as far as I remember but...

I just hate bugs. Real bugs(insects) or programs bugs, they all suck.

Music Mood: Where You are -- Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey

Monday, February 28, 2005


We all enjoy reinventing the wheel in our own idiosyncractic ways, but a little experience.

Instead of getting married again, I'm going to find a woman I don't like and just give her a house.

Inside us all there's a code.
A code that does not represent who we are
But who we might become.

Music Mood:
When You Say Nothing At All -- voice of Pam Tillis

Monday, February 21, 2005


I wonder what they are doing right now out there.
You know I was brought here when my spaceship crashed 300 years ago :)

Jordanian Bloggers Meetup

That was last December but I always wanted to have a post dedicated to that special event.
I had to wait for Ammar out in the cold and he kept saying "Just give 10 minutes","just give me 5 minutes", "Another 20 minute" IN THAT ORDER :)
Ammar came, Zaid with him.
Reached BluFig late, ha.
Got introduced to Isam, Roba,Natasha, Jeff and Natasha's friend (I'm sorry but I forgot her name, but I remember she was a very nice lady).
Talked about everything. Natasha led the whole show.
I knew Ammar and Zaid before but it's just that Zaid always surprises me, I find something new about him everytime.
(Def) Zaid : ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,Windows,no sorry,bye.
On the other hand, Ammar is the most used word in my proverbs, I'm lucky I know him :)
There was also Isam, what a nice guy **Big Hug**. Isam is known to me from his activities in the open source world and especially Linux.
I don't think he knew me before, but anyway I was glad to get to know him better.
And ya, I always wanted to thank Isam for his efforts in the jordanplanet which gathered us together in the first place.
Natasha was taking notes and asking questions all the time. She just never let us calm down, well music was so loud and we had to shout all the time :)
But for Natasha, I felt that I knew her since a long time. Her Blog tells you the story of her life in a way or another.
I want also to thank Jeff (Natasha's husband) who kept on taking pictures but we ended up seeing a few, I wonder ;) Well, you can see this guy's talent by yourself (Great stuff Jeff).
I wished I could meet all the other bloggers like Eman (She was there in a way or another) and Madas(ya my wish is to meet her) and Ahmad Humeid.
And far away from all those bloggers, I must mention the one and only Roba.
She told me that she was expecting some other character in my case (Well I forgot my UFO home) but I was a bit surprised as well.
She was smart and so different.
We talked about everything politics, religion, blogs, habits, life, Christmas, wars, everything.
I was asleep during some political discussions but that was cause I just faced what I considered weird thoughts and I wasn't really there to discuss politics :)
Other than that, Natasha learned how to spell the words LINUX and PHP (not a batee5a),lol .
We talked about why everyone started blogging and what we do expect in the future.
Ammar and Roba were having some exam the next day and the papers were around for some reason.
I remember I laughed a lot and spent a very nice time.
In general, it was great and I would really like to meet them all again with all the new bloggers but I think that we can only do that when Natasha decides to take a break from her work, I don't think it can work without her being around (for some reason that I won't tell), lol :)

I bet that we would've met more often if Natasha was here. Can't we just have a Web Bloggers Video Conference while we are waiting :)

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Um 3ali and The Conspiracy Theory

Um 3ali (Umm Ali --Mother of Ali) knows more about politics than GW Bush (I doubt he can pee by himself).
She even knows more details than the CIA do.
Bush tries hard to hide his trails but Um 3ali always find out.
She knows who are the terrorists.
She knows who killed that poor Lebanese guy (Hareeri)
She knows about every nuclear bomb on earth and the names of every dirty bomb that does exist.
She can't tell fortune nor she holds a PhD in political science; she is some old woman in the third world that knows about politics more than any experienced politician.
We have lots of Um 3ali out here, almost everyone is Um 3ali, we know what's happening out there, we know why it is being done and for what reason.
We know all the secrets about the 9/11 , Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Libya, Abu Guraib prison, Bin Laden, Zarqawi (ya sure).
If you some Bush about Um 3ali, he would answer "Ya, Conspiracy theory pro".
The term Conspiracy Theory as Um 3ali defines; it is what US government says when we say that they are the reason for all the evil in the world, lol :)
Some may think that I invented this Um 3ali character, but I'm telling you she's real, if u don't believe it; then ask ALI and he'll tell u :)

Music Mood: You Raise me Up -- Josh Groban

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Girls do talk Nader

Note girl and woman are used interchangeably in this post.

Why do girls need to talk. Can't they just shut up.
The keep on talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking.

They do talk about every nonsense u can imagine.
They do just babble and bubble. :)
They talk about crap.
They whisper, nag and talk.
Can never keep a secret nor they can leave someone without labeling their comments.

I always thought that it is a matter of culture, but never, a woman in NY would talk as much as a woman from some SHIWAWA tribe on some island.

Is it a matter of Genes ?

They do even have keywords in their chatting sessions,I mean real conversation not a cyber one. Although on a second thought, they use the keywords in both real and virtual chats.

keywords like: "him,her,nails,did she,did he,hair,I'll kill that b****.......and the list is endless.

Even if they are talking technical like:

"Hi, how are u today?"
"Well, not bad as my hair!!"
"Our current Project hurts my nails so bad!"
"Listen,yesterday while I was working on the CPU buffer overflow diagram,I dropped some of nail polishing stuff on the papers and some "AND-Gate" disappeared. It is just that gate that connects to the memory stack but I don't want to redo the design and skip tonight's party, so I'll just cancel this part of the diagram."
"But don't u think that this would affect the function of the CPU (like make it NOT WORK)"
"Well,No, cause I removed some other stack when my wet hair distorted that part, and so both errors will cancel each other"
"Why didn't you do it digitally instead of papers"
"Keyboard hurts my nails"
"Pencils don't ??"
"well,I instruct my small brother on what to draw, I just keep on fixing the damaged parts :) "
"Well, in my case, I skipped the part of the program that supports windows, I'll defend myself as a Linux lover"
"What's up with your TUX,(name of the Linux operating system penguin),I mean boyfriend"
"Nothing really,we broke up, he's a looser,he uses Intel instead of AMD"
"No way,so what I heard about him was true"
"Where did u hear it?"
"The other day when we were talking about you and your boyfriend, you know girl's talk"

In Africa's jungles, same talks but with different topics :

"Did your Wolfo (husband) built you a new tree house?"
"No, I think he's more interested in his alligators collection!"
"I saw him with that Shawiwi tribe girl"
"No way,now I'll feed him to some alligator ;/

Well, this talk may not be over the phone, maybe using fire signals or some "WEEEHAAA" shouting signs used in such communities :)

I even doubt that Graham Bell invented the phone, I think his wife did :)
They just keep the telephone busy, telephone is for talking nonsense, we must use it to the extreme people, and don't u think that finding a white hair is an emergency?"

With the advance of internet and chatting rooms and messengers, god :/

Well,I bet someone would say that men do talk about craps too, I'm not denying it, but I just feel that girls always have something to say or someone to hit with a "comment-arrow".

Not all girls, some act the opposite way (that's not talking at all), but u can never be sure, maybe they are deaf or sth :)

Talking,nagging, whispering and chatting, eh.
Again not all girls,but most of them.

I meant trying to issue any kind of women's rights stuff here.

These thoughts just reminded me of some song by Mohammad Mounir called "BANAT" (Girls).
Very nice one although I have my own comments about the words of the song.
Here is a link.

P.S I don't think humanity would advance without these talks nor we can live without them ;)

Friday, February 04, 2005

9-11 (Terror) ya that day

I made this small pseudo-code program, I applied algorithms to check it's correctness and ya it's working :)

// Program 9-11
-An Arabic guy who uses his camel to go to his university (A big tent) to gain his master degree (terrorism certificate) in computer science (scie???? What).
-Lives in small tent with a family of 100 people with a broadband connection :)
-Reads about 100 technical article a month from different resources (10 of the highest prestigious institutes in the world (They support terrorism too)
-He's a Christian (no way) poor guy with all those terrorists around him
-He goes to church (another different-style-tent)
-Celebrate Christmas using some naked tree in the desert
-Democracy == ?? (He lives in a third world country dudes)
-Being fed terrorism by spoon
- Semitic himself but still called anti-Semitic for no reason
-Conspiracy Theory = if your neighbor's cat got killed then it is the American's or Israel (Arabs are really stupid to have such an idea, why do they even think this way, oh ya WE(Arabs) ARE NAIIIVE ;)
Version = 1.0 beta


Russia : Destroyed Variable
USE : Global Variable = Constant
World : ignored Variable
Israel : Error Handler

On Error go to Israel:

If Russia == 0 then
x:= Find a new Enemy
y:= Weapons Factories need some work
z:= Every other business is looking for new markets
ERROR goto Israel
end if

To solve this thing sum up the variables
WAR = x + y + z
end ERROR Handler

If people_were_convinced_of_the_war_causes(9-11 events) then //Details below
end if

Function people_were_convinced_of_the_war_causes(9-11 events)
- Let some people (not USA nor Israel) do something not nice
- Blow couple of buildings
- People in USA frustrated
- Put pictures of some guys with long beards, ya the terrorist Arabs and Muslims, on news
-People in USA we want to revenge form the whole world
End Function

Transforming The U.S. Into A Fascist Police State (read it somewhere)
World Domination
A stupid drunk (Bush) ruling the world
Search for Osama-no-one (Afghanistan)
Invade Iraq
Kill an Iraqi guy family then allow him to vote
If you fight back than you are an UNALLOCATED variable that must be destroyed and ur a bad guy
Search for Zarqawi (Shouldn't they be searching ,if he exists, in Zaraqa'a (A city in Jordan, notice name similarity) :)
Remove any trails leading to any Israeli intervention
Let Bush cry couple of times (some soldier was killed)
Abu-Guraib prison (spelling). That soldier is to be punished because of some bad food he ate
New democracy
My camel died in some Sand Storm (what does that have to do with the Desert Storm operation)
I have now to walk to my UNIVERSITENT
Everyone's happy except for the camel's mother :)

All names used (like USA, Arabs,Israel has nothing to do with reality; it's all "something Fiction")
This is Pseudo-code, No offense is meant to anyone (See I'm scared)

Thursday, January 27, 2005

B.H. and A.H. Haircut Calendar

My hair is soooo not Short :)
I wanted to have a haircut two weeks before the Eid-Aldha (the Eid was last week) but I postponed it.
I got so busy with my finals and "papers-due-date" and couldn't find time for a haircut.
I'm in my worst shape ever.
Long hair and beard.
I cannot remember when was the last time I slept (maybe since 50 hours or sth).
And I am facing very hard final exams these days :(

I always talk about my Haircut-day in my posts. The haircuts posts became and indication of the ending of certain era and the beginning of another. I started having my own B.H. and A.H. calendar;(Before-haircut and After-Haircut) as in B.C. and A.C. in the Gregorian calendar :)
I'd better start giving haircut posts a version number to keep the track.
I just hate to comb my hair everyday and like it when it is short and easy to MANAGE.
I don't have the guts for a Low-Level-haircut (That's ZERO hair).
Ahhh, I need to sleep. Today I had my first final simulation exam and it was tough.

Tomorrow, I'll disturb some of the birds living up there; I'm gonna have a haircut AGAIN :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Introducing Lamis

Surfing the web at 2:30 am (two days ago), I got the famous "who are you ?" msn message :)
Well, it seems I'm the lucky-guy-who-always-get-introducecd-to-nice-people-by-mistake.
Again, I was added to someone's messenger contact list by some mistake (or fate).

I started talking to Lamis and I just enjoyed the talk and forgot all about my research-paper-to-be-handled-in-few-hours :\
She was very sweet and it appeared that we were living in the same neighborhood and, Oh ya, the same country- although she's not Jordanian :)

The whole thing was so natural and friendly.
I just love getting introduced to new people every now and then.

(Late night talks might become a habit, BEWARE)-a small warning for myself :)

This post is dedicated to her.
Dedicated to Lamis, my new online dude :)

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Free Culture

Simply the best presentation I had ever seen till the day :)

Here are some terms that I gathered from here and there and really ring the bell these days.

Every act's a copy

Open source
Software Patents
Regulated Creativity
Controlled Creativity
Opaque Creativity
Controlling Uses
Fair use
Free Sharing

"No One can do to disney, Inc.
what Walt Disney did to the brothers Grimm"

why software patents will harm new innovators and benefit old innovators (that’s America), written in 1991 by Mr. Gates:

“If people had understood how patents would be granted when most of today’s ideas were invented and had taken out patents, the industry would be at a complete stand-still today. The solution . . . is patent exchanges . . . and patenting as much as we can. . . . A future start-up with no patents of its own will be forced to pay whatever price the giants choose to impose. That price might be high: Established companies have an interest in excluding future competitors.” Fred Warshofsky, The Patent Wars 170-71 (NY: Wiley 1994).

Some links for you to start doing something:

We want a Free Culture
We want to be Creative again

Annaqed "The Critic"

Well I don't know how many of you know about this, but I was accidentally redirected to it from some Egyptian blog.
For some reason I think it may interest Natasha- if she doesn't know about it- ;)
Feel free to comment about the subject because I've read couple of articles and I wasn't really so relieved.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Mohamed Mounir, Who ?

It's rare to find someone who likes Mohamed Mounir
Well I like him :)
Here are some nice songs that I like and could work for your beach walk or sea trip.
You can feel the Egyption soul (Strange) ;)
Sorry for the names I couldn't translate but I know one would feel it even without the words :)
Those are examples, here is a longer list.

Ahmmar Shafayef
7orreya (Freedom)
Banat (Girls) you need to hear it several times

Ana Ba3shaq el-Ba7r (I love the sea) this would perfectly fit with this song by Fairouz
men-awel-lamsa (From the first touch)

lamma-el-naseem (When the breeze)

Music Mood: Ah Law Gany Tany-Shereen link

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Do you think ?

I was walking out of the university at 6:30 pm today.
It was a long day and it was dark when a middle-aged man passed by me and asked me a serious Question.

"Do you think that if I follow this path, I would reach the Engineering Faculty ?"

Well, my sarcastic mood turned on and I started having several questions in mind:

-"You are so much older than me but still asking me for your life path and where it will get you?"

-"Do I have the right to answer such a question? Will he follow the path I'll show to him?"

-"Do I have the power to decide this old man's fate ?"

-"Will answering such a question changes this man's life? Maybe I was wrong and showed him a wrong path?"

On a second thought

-"Maybe he's seeking admission in this faculty and asking if this path of "hard-studying" would get him in?"

But Maybe he meant it in a deeper way.

For example,"Do you think that this path is the "SHORTEST-PATH" to the Eng. Faculty? Or do we have to apply any Euclidean Distances calculations ?"
If so, then how did he know that I'm a Computer science student and would help him in Graph Theory or best-path algorithms ?"

Maybe he was asking a philosophical question like "Can you be 100% percent positive that walking this path would lead you to an Entity, that WE (Existing Creatures) give it an identity to characterize it than any other object? What is your definition of PATH or THINK ?"

Maybe this man follows Aristotle's discipline and was making sure that the ACTION of THINKING shows that VERB of EXISTENCE ?"

Lots and Lots of questions started popping in my mind.
I started my reply with "Well this can be a long story, but.."
The man walked away without waiting for an answer :(

What did he really mean by his question ?
I told a friend of mine this story and I was given an explanation that Shocked me.
"He was asking you to help him to get to the faculty!!!!!"
Was he? Doesn't he know GRAPH THEORY?
Doesn't he follow Aristotle's Discipline ?
Isn't he a NASA scientist?
Is it possible that he is just an old Bedouin asking for directions ?

-"Why did he ask(What do YOU think) -instead of- can u tell me please where the Eng faculty is ?"
Did I get the question wrong or is it that I had a really long tiring day ? :)

Monday, January 17, 2005

Voting Campaign

Well, here I start my voting campaign by providing the voting URLs

2004 Best Everyday Life Blog Vote here

2004 Best Personal Blog Vote here

2004 Best Arab Student Blog Vote here

2004 Best Culture Blog Vote here

2004 Best Jordanian Blog Vote here

I started inviting friends, cousins, family, non-Arab bloggers, colleagues, enemies to start voting and encouraged them to act as loyal members and readers.

Now I have small campaigns running in different places in the town, ,you may even glance a poster for my blog address with a "VOTE : Blogging form people to people" in big, bold font :)

I'm making a big deal of it and by doing this, I'm trying to attract more readers and traffics.
I will be migrating into a new design and hosting soon but I'm working on the migration plan.

My main problem is that I'm busy with exams and projects and I'm giving the campaign a 10% of my time (That won't work for Congress).

Well, I'll start sending emails tomorrow and hope to attract more and more people.

Do you think I need a Slogan or sth :)

Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Breaking The Silence

I haven't blogged since the end of 2004. I was busy with the univ. exams and projects.
I had several presentations and papers to work on and still have ones for the coming week.
In addition to that, finals will start after a while and I have to pass this semester with good grades - long story- :)
Well, lots of things had changed in the past two weeks.
I have several posts that I'd like to publish and lots of things to say; so expect more posts in the coming days -Sorry about that- :-)

I expect celebrations to start on for the-return-of-the-Blo33er :)

I missed you all, it's really strange; in a way or another, this community became an extension to my Family :)

Friday, December 31, 2004

Summing Time-frame 2004

Well, based on the time constraints that humanity had specified since forever, today is the last day of the time-unit "YEAR".
Each time I try to flash back the beginning of this year and compare it to its near-end, I keep surprising myself.

I just keep remembering;

-The end of my first semester at the Master and how the rest of the semesters were (BAAAD)...
- My Libya visit memories (Oct 2003)...
- The you'll-never-go-to-CeBit-Hannouver-this-year issue from the German embassy...
- Easter
- Tawjihi-results and a new cousin (landy) getting into university
- My new friends
- Blogging
- Visiting Istanbul to attend then CeBit Eurasia (Sep 2004)...
- My new colleagues
- My brain-knowledge-base-expansion
- Software engineering loving phenomenon
- Work advances
- Several parties
- ADSL-Everywhere from home to work.
- Christmas

Ah, lots of things. As usual I'm not in my best mood at the end of the year, it's just that people-continuous-nagging-that-it-is-the-last-day-of-the-year and while I keep considering it as a "just-another-day".

At this time of year, I try to convince myself that I'll change and get even better and better and set new goals for the next life-phase. But I do that each birthday, Christmas, new semester, etc..
and I know that'll I will not do anything of the perfect plan :)

This Year I'm freeing my mind, and not bothering about next year.

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year 2005 to the extreme, and I wish it will be your best "Time-frame" ever :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christmas Party 2004

As a part of my traditional Christmas celebrations, I have to go to the Christmas Party held each year.
This year, it was at Le Royal. The 25 took our seats on the two next-together tables set for us. Tables near the dancing floor (best location) in a really big hall.

We enjoyed the music and the dancing except for some parts were the famous D.J wasn't really in the mood :)

Anyways, all of the guys were great. They were all funny and sweet.

I didn't really enjoy it as I do each year because of the bad-music-part and some things that kept my mind really busy and not concentrating but in general it was fine.

I was happy to RE-meet some people like Sam3an and Nour , and meeting Hala. (Really Nice, the three of them).
I was even more happy to get to know some people better like Ellen (remember Ellen's Story) and Carol,Evate,Khaleel,Eyad,Ra3ed,Ghalia,Raja,

In addition to the-never-breaking-group Eyad,Lara,Landy,Rana,Ranata,Rania,Yazan,Mira,Ehab and I.

Everyone seemed to get along with the others and that's really good. I mean it's not easy to make these guys who may not know each other comfortable.

I just wanted to thank you all.

This blog is dedicated to Rana, Ranata, Eyad, Lara, Landy, Rania, Yazan, Mira, Maher, Ellen, Sam3an, Nour, Hala, Raja, Carol, Khaleel, Evate, Ghalia, Ra3ed, Eyad, Shereen, Baha', David, Ehab and to MYSELF :)
Music Mood: Qaweeny Beek-Sameera Sa3eed