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Friday, November 26, 2004

6th Sense

5 days ago, I remembered this guy back from the school. We were not close friends and were never in the same class. I remember that we may have talked couple of times through our 12 years "in-the-same-1500-students-school" and it was about computers. But I forgot most the names of "my-12-years-class-mates" and I never remember anything in life, except for technical stuff :-|
I'm a kind forget a lot.
Anyway, I was asking myself if he studied computer science since he was good at it.

Four days ago, in the developers conference, I met him. He was working for a company that a friend of mine (MK) worked for and the were both attending the conference with other guys from the company.
As soon as my friend (MK) mentioned his first name, I remember the Surname. I happily introduced myself and asked him if he remembers me back from school. He said he didn't, although I think he did.

I saw him each day of the conference and talked and he seemed a good guy and good at his work too.

At first I thought that was a coincedince. But yesterday at the conference, ,I kept telling my friend (MK) that he will win the XBox (they were drawing prizes -XBox- the last day). And guess what he won it.

Later that day (last day of the conference), I left to attend a press conference (about CeBit 2005) I was invited to, leaving my friend happy with his new XBox, he is a game-maniac by the way.

After a presentation at the press conference I met a guy back from school, same story as the guy above, I was having the strange question of "what-had-happened-to-that-guy". And the good part was that he studied computer science, although I don't remember he was interested back at school, and he is working for the same company the other guy I met at the conference worked for.

I was also predicting several things this week and most of the time it happened. A bug in a system , a telephone call, several SMS messages, predicting that I'll be sick by the end of the week, and several other small events.

I must admit it, I'm remembering so many people now and I wonder if I'm gonna meet any these days or if any of the things I predict will happen.

Maybe it's the cold or the rain or the flu.


first of all thats not the 6th sence 2ndly thats crap
peace out mate

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:51 AM  

Ya, I know it is not "senCe", it is the "senSe" :-)
And thanx for commenting.


By Blogger Nader, at 3:09 PM  

I know I have a problem becuase everyone i see in my mind has something wrong done to them the next day.... I think I can see the futrue but my parents dont belive me.... So now i do witchcraft to find out if i can see the future can you help me

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:13 PM  

I can't help witches :)

By Blogger Nader, at 1:06 PM  

On a second thought, contact me, we can figure something out :)

By Blogger Nader, at 1:16 PM  

i noe u r not talking crap cuz i can see da future too..but my parents n frens dont believe in me n they think im crazy ...i always dream bad things happen to ma frens n dis really happen...should i tell them about it??..i mean what should i do to make them believe me?????

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:15 PM  

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