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Monday, February 28, 2005


We all enjoy reinventing the wheel in our own idiosyncractic ways, but a little experience.

Instead of getting married again, I'm going to find a woman I don't like and just give her a house.

Inside us all there's a code.
A code that does not represent who we are
But who we might become.

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When You Say Nothing At All -- voice of Pam Tillis

Monday, February 21, 2005


I wonder what they are doing right now out there.
You know I was brought here when my spaceship crashed 300 years ago :)

Jordanian Bloggers Meetup

That was last December but I always wanted to have a post dedicated to that special event.
I had to wait for Ammar out in the cold and he kept saying "Just give 10 minutes","just give me 5 minutes", "Another 20 minute" IN THAT ORDER :)
Ammar came, Zaid with him.
Reached BluFig late, ha.
Got introduced to Isam, Roba,Natasha, Jeff and Natasha's friend (I'm sorry but I forgot her name, but I remember she was a very nice lady).
Talked about everything. Natasha led the whole show.
I knew Ammar and Zaid before but it's just that Zaid always surprises me, I find something new about him everytime.
(Def) Zaid : ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,Windows,no sorry,bye.
On the other hand, Ammar is the most used word in my proverbs, I'm lucky I know him :)
There was also Isam, what a nice guy **Big Hug**. Isam is known to me from his activities in the open source world and especially Linux.
I don't think he knew me before, but anyway I was glad to get to know him better.
And ya, I always wanted to thank Isam for his efforts in the jordanplanet which gathered us together in the first place.
Natasha was taking notes and asking questions all the time. She just never let us calm down, well music was so loud and we had to shout all the time :)
But for Natasha, I felt that I knew her since a long time. Her Blog tells you the story of her life in a way or another.
I want also to thank Jeff (Natasha's husband) who kept on taking pictures but we ended up seeing a few, I wonder ;) Well, you can see this guy's talent by yourself (Great stuff Jeff).
I wished I could meet all the other bloggers like Eman (She was there in a way or another) and Madas(ya my wish is to meet her) and Ahmad Humeid.
And far away from all those bloggers, I must mention the one and only Roba.
She told me that she was expecting some other character in my case (Well I forgot my UFO home) but I was a bit surprised as well.
She was smart and so different.
We talked about everything politics, religion, blogs, habits, life, Christmas, wars, everything.
I was asleep during some political discussions but that was cause I just faced what I considered weird thoughts and I wasn't really there to discuss politics :)
Other than that, Natasha learned how to spell the words LINUX and PHP (not a batee5a),lol .
We talked about why everyone started blogging and what we do expect in the future.
Ammar and Roba were having some exam the next day and the papers were around for some reason.
I remember I laughed a lot and spent a very nice time.
In general, it was great and I would really like to meet them all again with all the new bloggers but I think that we can only do that when Natasha decides to take a break from her work, I don't think it can work without her being around (for some reason that I won't tell), lol :)

I bet that we would've met more often if Natasha was here. Can't we just have a Web Bloggers Video Conference while we are waiting :)