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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Blogging = Nonsense or what ?

This story happened even after the bloggers meeting

I use my blog URL as a suffix to any nickname I use on MSN messenger.
Here is a small part of a conversation I had yesterday with a friend of mine (Abed) :

abed says:
walak esh had

Blogging (A new level) - says:
what ?

abed says:
btosrod seret 7ayatak kol yoom!!!!

abed says:
ya 3ammi nas fadieh

abed says:
what is blogger by the way?

Abed astonishingly wondering if I am writing my everyday life details on the web.Then he says that it is for people with lots of free time (he is making fuun of it) :And ends it by "The Ultimate Question" : What is a Blog or Blogger ?

I will not comment further on this but when I am asked for the meaning of a BLOG or what is a blog, I have two answers :

Your blog is whatever you want it to be
2. I give them this link - I use this when I believe that the best way to understand what is a blog is by seeing one

Blog not Blo3 guys :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Lateral Thinking

via [David's Blog]
This is a sample of the full list
1. ------------

Ans. = man overboard

2. ------------

Ans. = I understand

6. ------------

Ans. = two degrees below zero


Ans. think big !!

13. ababaaabbbbaaaabbbbababaabbaaabbbb....

Ans. long time no 'C' (see)

David. Welcome to Jordan Planet :)

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Will we break down the Magic

Today is the bloggers meeting at 7:00 pm
I will finally get to know most of the bloggers.
Will this break the magic of reading someone's thoughts without even knowing him ? A question that is circulating inside my skull :)
Or maybe we will be moving to some higher level. I wonder :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I will always love you

I will love you till birds cease to fly …...
I will love you till big mountains crumble down from high …...
I will love you till deep runny rivers dry …...
I will love you till babies decide not to cry …...
I will love you till children stop asking why?...
I will love you till a mother delivers her baby without a sigh …...
I will love you till women decide they had enough to buy …...
I will love you till royalties stop putting butter on their rye …...
I will love you till when in a famine a soldier resists a pie …...
In other words I will love you till I die.

"Violette Marar Theodory"

I just love it.

This is called "A mother's Love", but it can be used for any type of love, I guess.
It was written by a school teacher from my school a long time ago, so you won't find it on the internet. (I hope so :-) )

Dedicated to all the ones I love and especially my family

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Things boosting my life

Several things had, in a way or another, changed my life in the past months.

I always seek for things that would add up more value to my every day living habit :-)

My visit to Istanbul was a great experience both personally and technically.
I was introduced to several new software engineering approaches and new programming techniques.
I got into the details of Google Tools and they are just great. (I have previously blogged details about these tools).

I was introduced to several new people. Some became dear friends and some were of a great benefit to my career and studying. I just like getting to know new people from time to time.

In addition to that, I was introduced to and that was a great addition to my blogging. I think that the coming bloggers meeting will be something for me to add to this list. (Hope so)

On the top of this list comes a thing that had really added up much to my life.
I got to know someone who generated waves for my silent sea.

I thank GOD for every addition to my life.

Dedicated to the one and only MIRACHKA

Totally lost

Regular days.
Lots of work and studying.
Today I felt as if I was sleeping for ages and just woke up to find that I have tons of books to study, Kilos of papers to write and zillions of university projects to finish.
In addition to my tasks at work, I feel totally lost. It seems it is too late to do all these things.
I am being asked for about three world-class research papers and for it to be published to get the scores that I need to pass this year. Now that's really hard, believe me.

Also, I found that my colleagues are too nerds for me to compete with, maybe "super-Nerds" (Not Geeks or gurus) is a better word. That's too much for me to handle :-(

On the other hand, ,I have been thinking a lot about the coming Bloggers and how some bloggers may look like.
I tried to create my own picture for some of them but I just don't like the idea of creating a picture of someone and then find it does not fit the frame of reality.

I just wish things would change soon. I hope it will.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Quality Defined

A nice definition of Quality I just passed by:

Quality is part of the process, it's in the doing.
Quality isn't a set of rules or a set of metrics; it's in the spirit of the smallest of our daily activities.
It is a verb trapped in a noun's body.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

I like, love and hate.... (The List)

In random order (well, almost).

1. I love everything that has "computer" as a middle name.
2. I have passion to my work and study field and I like every single thing in it.
3. I love the sea and walking on the beach.
4. I love sunset and sunrise.
5. I have a 300 person on the phonebook and I call only a finger count bunch.
6. I have a very limited number of friends. VERY.
7. I have my own moments of silence, thinking an imitation.
8. I have my own criticizing style that includes a lots of sarcasm.
9. I respect people who are pros. at their work and the ones who really love their job.
10. I like to be a center of attention.
11. I can be rude sometimes.
12. I am extra nice and polite most of the times.
13. I hate to be ignored or underestimated but can manage to live with it.
14. I can never stop talking about high tech. and work.
15. I think that 90% of computer students and professionals here really suck.
16. I think mobiles will cause lots of diseases to all of us in the future (I cannot get rid of mine) 17. and I adore PDAs.
18. I hate smoking a lot.
19. I am addicted to reading technical articles, research papers, white papers, blue papers, blue prints, Technical magazines, technical shows.
20. I adore nice movies especially science fiction,romance, comedy but hate horrors
21. I hate the Titanic movie, really.
22. I can't live without my computer for a second.
23. I love every nice song and music and cannot live a minute without it.
24. I like George Wassouf, Shania Twain, Om-kalthoum, BJORK, Abdeel-haleem, 2PAC.These are examples to show you the diversity.
25. I hate script kiddies and every teenager who calls himself a hacker.
26. I like reading short stories of any type.
27. I like Nizar Qabbani's poems. I like every nice poem really.
28. I like my friends to be a big heart and mind to contain me and my thoughts.
29. I adore studying space, planets, quantum physics and artistic design
30. I believe in parallel universes and the ability to travel in time.

31. I like asking myself questions like:

"If I reached the edge of the universe and dropped an apple,what would happen?"
"What is this black matter of the universe?"
"How can I build my own super-computer?"
"Were there really 11 dimensions pre the Big-bang?"
and the list is long...

32. I believe that we are not alone in this universe and that extrateraetrial life exist.
33. I like to wear modern classical or classical casual or strictly formal clothes. Jeans is a must.
34. I like creative thinking and innovation is a must.
35. I believe in a first sight love.
36. I love political news and stock analysis but to some extent.
37. I like parties and dancing.
38. I love cartooning and I do some.
39. I do love too much but can never hate someone.
40. In my dictionary, A stands for ADSL, B stands for Bluetooth, C for computers, and W for Wi-Fi.
41. I am simpler than some may think.
42. I hate to have free time if I ever had.
43. I like running, basketball and soccer.
44. I hate white shoes and suites.
45. I think the sky's the limit for anything.
46. I think that the "It's never too late" phrase has lots of exceptions.
47. I love networks, software engineering, information architecture and designs.
48. I am full of surprises.
49. I am good.
50. I am bad.

In simple words a Human.

Is the moon there when I am not looking at it ??

I was having this question circulating my mind for a while:
"Is the moon there when I am not looking at it ?"

Well, as Colwell says : "I like to think the moon is there even if I am not looking at it. However, a popular book on quantum physics posits that the moon pops into existence when I look at it, but it is free to disappear and visit other planets when I'm not looking."

By the way, this is possible in the laws of quantum physics.

Maybe the best advice is to assume the moon is there even when you're not looking at it - but peek at it out of the corner of your eye once in a while just in case. :-)

Thursday, December 02, 2004

How will google change your life

I love Google.
I have these tools on my flash drive and when I find someone I care about, I tell him I'll give you something that will change your life to the better, and I start talking about these tools but sometimes I forget that some people don't give a damn :-)

The following tools will add a lot to your Life.

Google Desktop Search
I use it to search my 300 GB Drives and still get 0.04 seconds searching time
I blog and blog and blog.I'm a blogger

1 GB x 6 Gmails = Lots of Web Space + Lots of invitations

My 500000+ pictures sorted, archived and easily enhanced. With the rocking timeline.

Fly from space to your home town.
I have a satellite picture of my cousin's house in New York suburbs.
A friend of mine said that we now need one MARS since we have it for Earth(He was joking). Ironically, you can have it for Mars too.

Friends Network. As soon you hit the submit button, you'll get introduced to 2,200,000+ other humans.