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Saturday, December 04, 2004

I like, love and hate.... (The List)

In random order (well, almost).

1. I love everything that has "computer" as a middle name.
2. I have passion to my work and study field and I like every single thing in it.
3. I love the sea and walking on the beach.
4. I love sunset and sunrise.
5. I have a 300 person on the phonebook and I call only a finger count bunch.
6. I have a very limited number of friends. VERY.
7. I have my own moments of silence, thinking an imitation.
8. I have my own criticizing style that includes a lots of sarcasm.
9. I respect people who are pros. at their work and the ones who really love their job.
10. I like to be a center of attention.
11. I can be rude sometimes.
12. I am extra nice and polite most of the times.
13. I hate to be ignored or underestimated but can manage to live with it.
14. I can never stop talking about high tech. and work.
15. I think that 90% of computer students and professionals here really suck.
16. I think mobiles will cause lots of diseases to all of us in the future (I cannot get rid of mine) 17. and I adore PDAs.
18. I hate smoking a lot.
19. I am addicted to reading technical articles, research papers, white papers, blue papers, blue prints, Technical magazines, technical shows.
20. I adore nice movies especially science fiction,romance, comedy but hate horrors
21. I hate the Titanic movie, really.
22. I can't live without my computer for a second.
23. I love every nice song and music and cannot live a minute without it.
24. I like George Wassouf, Shania Twain, Om-kalthoum, BJORK, Abdeel-haleem, 2PAC.These are examples to show you the diversity.
25. I hate script kiddies and every teenager who calls himself a hacker.
26. I like reading short stories of any type.
27. I like Nizar Qabbani's poems. I like every nice poem really.
28. I like my friends to be a big heart and mind to contain me and my thoughts.
29. I adore studying space, planets, quantum physics and artistic design
30. I believe in parallel universes and the ability to travel in time.

31. I like asking myself questions like:

"If I reached the edge of the universe and dropped an apple,what would happen?"
"What is this black matter of the universe?"
"How can I build my own super-computer?"
"Were there really 11 dimensions pre the Big-bang?"
and the list is long...

32. I believe that we are not alone in this universe and that extrateraetrial life exist.
33. I like to wear modern classical or classical casual or strictly formal clothes. Jeans is a must.
34. I like creative thinking and innovation is a must.
35. I believe in a first sight love.
36. I love political news and stock analysis but to some extent.
37. I like parties and dancing.
38. I love cartooning and I do some.
39. I do love too much but can never hate someone.
40. In my dictionary, A stands for ADSL, B stands for Bluetooth, C for computers, and W for Wi-Fi.
41. I am simpler than some may think.
42. I hate to have free time if I ever had.
43. I like running, basketball and soccer.
44. I hate white shoes and suites.
45. I think the sky's the limit for anything.
46. I think that the "It's never too late" phrase has lots of exceptions.
47. I love networks, software engineering, information architecture and designs.
48. I am full of surprises.
49. I am good.
50. I am bad.

In simple words a Human.


hey nader;)
well done man its a good thing to write about you "nader" in this way...hopefuly this'll help me to understand you better ;)
its nice to know a part (even if it was a small one) of your personlality..
take care

By Blogger Hind Sabanekh, at 9:09 AM  

You should have been a Leo.

By Blogger Roba, at 12:25 PM  

Hey Nader well i believe u have 2 to love urself 1st (i dont mean 2 be arrogant)2 be able 2 love others and 2 show them that u do. I think u have 2 understand urself in order 2 understand others. And i am glad that u know urself coz its the 1st step that u can know others i mean deeply know. So follow ur instinct as a human and good luck ma friend :)
But I would 2 comment on one thing it doesn’t matter how much friends u have as long they r good friends (not in the name but by proving it) and can be trusted. And well we can be lonely at some points in our lives but never alone. Think of this one coz there is a lot of ppl who r there 4 u 2 stand by u in everyway. tc

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:33 PM  

Hind, ya it is a very small piece of info :-)
Roba, why a Leo ??
Mirachka, you're the best. And I know lots of people care.
Thanx to all of you,I would really like to see a comment by Eman. :-)

By Blogger Nader, at 8:26 PM  

well my cousin it is a good idea 2 write abt urself,coz even i know u since years but yet there r some mysterious thinks i cant understand , but after this blog may be i will, be NOT very!!!!so good 4 u Man.
but i would like 2 comment on sth. it is boring sometimes 2 talk abt high tech. and Work coz may be others dont like these sub. and find them soooo boring so try 2 change the sub.!! hey i think that there r some commen things btwn. me and u !! lol cousins :-)
p.s take care from first sight love cousin!!!!!
tc Ran

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:32 PM  

Well It seems that lots of you don't know me well.
I'm happy to show you a small part of ME.
But for the high. tech. and the science, that's in blood and you have to like me that way.
Take care

By Blogger Nader, at 6:22 PM  

I apologize for my late reply. Had some really hectic days. Anyway, let me start with congratulating you on this post. As you know, it takes a lot of courage and decency to introduce yourself to people you don’t know without being self-centered or arrogant. And although people might not be much into tech, yet I believe we must stick to our own believes, likings and interests even if others don’t really agree or like what we write, coz in the end of the day we must show who we really are, not try to gain others’ admiration by approaching their own interests, this would give a wrong and fake impression. So I encourage you to write about all the great things you enjoy, let it be tech, Nizar’s poetry or anything else you’ve listed. Other than your personal interests, I found your personality to be a rather strange combination of paradoxes :) you have your romantic sides, but you hate titanic, you’re polite yet can be rude sometimes.
Other than that you’re a hard worker, you’re the 2nd person I know to like Bjork, you’re selective when it comes to friendship & partnership, that explains the small amount of friends you have, not that quantity really counts, it’s all about the quality. You’re weird sometimes (from the questions you ask and your belief in time travel).
“I respect people who are pros. at their work and the ones who really love their job” does that mean you don’t respect me! Coz I really hate my job :P
I agree with you on several points: “1.I think the sky's the limit for anything.2.I think that the "It's never too late" phrase has lots of exceptions” and love at first sight.
You should show us some of your cartoon work, don’t be shy, trying is a great achievement on its own :)
Well I’m not really good in analyzing people, just responding to what you said. Hope we’ll know more about you and your work. And good luck :)

By Blogger Eman, at 2:48 PM  

Well, at last Eman.
I was really expecting a short comment but it seems you sent a blog as a commnet :-)
I'm really happy with all of you analysis ;-) and someone who can handle the Coffee girl the way you did desrves all the respect :-)
I would've kicked her out of the office on the first cup :-)
BJork's Oceania is great.

Again,Thank you my friend.

By Blogger Nader, at 7:57 PM  

your post was long, and you wanted a comment, couldn't comment on a part and ignore the other :)
Anyway, good to know your liked my analysis.

But would you post some of your cartoons? I'm sure all of us will love to see them.

By Blogger Eman, at 10:33 AM  

Thanx Eman and someday maybe I will :-)

By Blogger Nader, at 11:15 AM  

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