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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Things boosting my life

Several things had, in a way or another, changed my life in the past months.

I always seek for things that would add up more value to my every day living habit :-)

My visit to Istanbul was a great experience both personally and technically.
I was introduced to several new software engineering approaches and new programming techniques.
I got into the details of Google Tools and they are just great. (I have previously blogged details about these tools).

I was introduced to several new people. Some became dear friends and some were of a great benefit to my career and studying. I just like getting to know new people from time to time.

In addition to that, I was introduced to and that was a great addition to my blogging. I think that the coming bloggers meeting will be something for me to add to this list. (Hope so)

On the top of this list comes a thing that had really added up much to my life.
I got to know someone who generated waves for my silent sea.

I thank GOD for every addition to my life.

Dedicated to the one and only MIRACHKA


well thats life in general it can give and take, so we r living it anyways so y dont we try 2 find things that interest us and enjoy life coz its short.I am glad 2 be one of the ppl who had done a difference in ur life even if it was a lil one.Btw u didnt finish talking about ur istanbul trip so remember 2 do so when u have time :)tc and expect the best coz u deserve the best.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:53 AM  

All the difference :-)
I will write about my trip back from Istanbul soon ;-)

By Blogger Nader, at 3:03 PM  

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